From 6th June to 2nd July 2019

The course aims to discuss about some significant experiences of twentieth century heritage restoration, in a framework that places modern architecture in urban regeneration scenarios.

Each meeting, introduced by scholars and experts in the field and referring to general issues of a critical, regulatory and technological nature, will be illustrated by specific restoration projects, regarding to the intervention criteria, the various critical issues, problems faced and solutions adopted in the phase of planning and execution.


Organized by Docomomo Italia

In collaboration with Ordine degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti Conservatori di Napoli e provincia


Headquarters of Ordine Architetti PCC di Napoli e Provincia
Piazzetta Matilde Serao, 7 – Napoli
6 giugno – 2 luglio 2019
Sala Sirica. (Ore 15,00-18,00)


Text by Docomomo Italia.


For more information about the program, please visit the website or download the pdf. [Iatlian]