Guided Visit – Avanchet-Parc: “Cité de Conception Nouvelle et Originale”
Date: Saturday, 13th November 2021, at 15H00. 

Docomomo International is happy to announce that Docomomo Switzerland together with the Heritage and Sites Office of the State of Geneva (GE-Patrimoine) are organizing a walk through Cité Avanchet-Parc Saturday, 13th November 2021, at 15H00, on the occasion of the launching of the book Avanchet-Parc: “Cité de Conception Nouvelle et Originale”, published in March of this year, by Franz Graf and Giulia Marino. Led by Franz Graf and Giulia Marino, authors of the book, the walk will an opportunity to discover the history and architecture of Avanchet-Parc. It counts as well with introductions by: – Mr. Pierre Alain Girard, Director of…

14th Docomomo Brazil Seminar
Dates: 27th - 29th October 2021, online

The registrations for the 14º Seminário Docomomo BR – Belém [14th Docomomo Brazil Seminar] are now open until 27th October 2021 at: the theme “O MODERNO EM MOVIMENTO: USOS, REUSOS, NOVAS CARTOGRAFIAS. Presente e futuro do legado da arquitetura moderna no Brasil” [THE MODERN IN MOVEMENT: USES, REUSE, NEW CARTOGRAPHIES. Present and future of the legacy of modern architecture in Brazil] the event will be hosted in Belém and take place online from 27th to 29th October 2021 “The transformations that the planet is currently undergoing, all over the world and all their manifestations of life and habitats, including…

2021 Modernism in America Awards
Winners announcement. Ceremony on 11th November 2021, New York

Docomomo International is pleased to share the announcement of the 2021 Modernism in America Awards by Docomomo US. “Docomomo US is pleased to announce fifteen recipients of the 2021 Modernism in America Awards. These projects highlight the best in preservation practice by today’s architects, designers, preservation professionals, and grassroots advocates. This year’s awards recognize model preservation efforts that elevate original design intent while adapting to current day needs, inventory and survey projects that synthesize large swaths of information into digestible content, and critical advocacy initiatives that put public input and education at the forefront. The 2021 winners include: AWARD OF…

Exhibition: 9×100=’900 Trani
Date: 2nd - 10th October 2021, Castello Svevo, Trani, Italy

On 2nd October 2021 Docomomo Italy inaugurated the exhibition 9×100=’900 Trani – 9 Itinerari x 100 Architetture del ‘900 in Basilicata e Puglia [9 itineraries x 100 architectures of the ‘900 in Basilicata and Puglia]. An inauguration conference took place on the same day entitled Convegno sulla conoscenza e la tutela dell’architettura moderna [Conference on the knowledge and protection of modern architecture] moderated by Antonello Pagliuca. The program can be seen here The exhibition can be visited until 10th October at Castello Svevo, Trani. More information on Docomomo Italy’s website

Docomomo US: Tour Day 2021
Date: 9th October 2021, and throughout the month

Docomomo International shares that the Docomomo US Tour Day 2021 will take place on Saturday, 9th October 2021, under the theme Travel & Leisure, as well as throughout the month. The only national program of its kind, Tour Day is devoted to the appreciation of modern architecture in the United States. Tours and events focused on architecture and design of the Modern Movement are hosted by Docomomo US chapters, partners, and leading voices in preservation. Tour Day events can be hosted by nearly anyone interested in or with access to a significant modern building or site. This year’s thematic focus…

Guided visit: Van Buuren Museum & Gardens
Date: Brussels, 23rd October 2021, 10:00 am

The registrations for the Docomomo Belgium guided visit to the van Buuren House (now museum) and gardens, on Saturday 23rd October 2021 are open. Starting at 10:00, Docomomo Belgium organizes a guided visit with architect Barbara van der Wee to the interior of the van Buuren museum house. In the afternoon at 14:00 will be visited the recently restored garden with landscape architect Anne-Marie Sauvat. Built in 1928, the house of banker and arts patron David van Buuren has an exterior typical of the Amsterdam School. The interior, a tour de force of Art Deco, represents a unique ensemble brought together…

Docomomo Rehabilitation Award Ceremony
Date: 1st September 2021, 2pm (GMT+1)

Docomomo International is happy to share the Docomomo Rehabilitation Award  announcement ceremony on 1st September 2021, at 2 pm (GMT+1), within the 16th International Docomomo Conference Tokyo Japan 2020+1. The Docomomo Rehabilitation Award aims to recognize and disseminate the best efforts to preserve modern architecture while adapting it to contemporary standards; to raise awareness of the works’ value; to inspire a conscious reflection on Modernity as living heritage; and to appeal for a global and sustainable approach to the future of modern architecture buildings. For that, and in order to represent the diversity of the Modern Movement expression, are being…

Publication available online “The Conservation Plan of the Flaminio Stadium” [“Piano di Conservazione dello Stadio Flaminio”]
Published by Getty Foundation, in collaboration of Docomomo Italy, 2020

Docomomo International would like to share the publication The Conservation Plan of the Flaminio Stadium [Piano di Conservazione dello Stadio Flaminio], published by the Getty Foundation of Los Angeles is now available online on the website of the Keeping it Modern initiative, with which the research work and the creation of the document were financed. During three years of work, a team of 36 specialists was involved in the drafting of an in-depth historical-critical study of the Stadium and its urban context, in the development of an organic database, in the development of digital models for multidisciplinary analysis and in…

Docomomo Singapore website is now live

Docomomo International is pleased to share that Docomomo Singapore website is now live. Please visit to explore the listing of modernist sites and buildings in Singapore along with key people, organizations and other resources. You can also join Docomomo Singapore membership to support the conservation of Singapore’s modern built heritage.