Valmor Award 2017 Results
11th April 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

On the last 11th April 2019, the winners of the Prémio Valmor [Valmor Award] 2017 were awarded by the Municipality of Lisbon, Portugal.

The headquarters of EDP and the Lisbon Cruise Terminal, designed by the ateliers of the architects Aires Mateus and Carrilho da Graça, respectively, are the winners of the  Prémio Valmor  and Municipal Architecture Award for the year 2017. Docomomo International congratulates both architects, Manuel Aires Mateus and Carrilho da Graça, for Prémio Valmor  2017.

Prémio Valmor 2017
Headquarters of EDP by Manuel Aires Mateus
Lisbon Cruise Terminal by João Luís Carrilho da Graça

Honourable Mentions 2017
Palacete de Santa Catarina 
by Teresa Nunes da Ponte
Lisbon Stone Block by Souza Oliveira 
House in Alfama 
by Matos Gameiro Architects
Largo de Santos project and adjacent roads by João Almeida and Luís Torgal from 92 Arquitectos and the landscape architect Victor Beiramar Diniz

More details: website [Portuguese]