An Eastern Europe Vision
Docomomo Journal 59 (2018/2)

Editors: Ana Tostões

Guest editors: Henrieta Moravčíková

Keywords: Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Eastern European architecture, Cold War architecture.

While visiting the MAO (Museum of Architecture and Design) in Ljubljana one can appreciate the architectural power of Stanko Kristl’s work. The impressive buildings of this Slovenian architect revealed through the exhibition "Humanity and Space", illuminate the beauty of the museum space with some astonishing works and show why Eastern Europe deserves to be included in the historiography of the Modern Movement, to clearly demonstrate the contribution of Iron Curtain countries to the modern avant-garde. As Matevz Celik recognizes, “through his architecture he worked to provide responses to the needs of the people — for whom it was intended. This basic premise served as a guiding principle in experiments and his search for spatial and social innovation in architecture."
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Towards a fresh reading of MoMo historiography
Ana Tostões


Is there something behind the Iron Curtain? Documentation and conservation of Modernism in former Eastern Europe
Henrieta Moravčíková


Historiography of post-war modern architecture in Hungary – evaluation – research – preservation
Mariann Simon

Revisiting interbellum architecture of Hungary
András Ferkai

Communicating “space and form?”: The history and impact of the journal Tér és Forma as the Hungarian pipeline of Modernism
Pál Ritoók, Ágnes Anna Sebestyén

Ignoring and erasing: collective housing in 20th century Czechoslovakia
Hubert Guzik

Czech hotels in the late-modernist style set against the landscape
Petr Vorlík

Friedrich Weinwurm: Slovakia’s nearly forgotten contribution to the European architectural avant-garde
Henrieta Moravčíková

Metallic brutalism and its present embellishment. The addition to the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava
Peter Szalay

Edvard Ravnikar and The Heart of the City. The genesis of cultural centers in Slovenia and in ex-Yugoslavia
Nataša Koselj

Slovenian industrial heritage – complexity of meanings, their preservation and regeneration
Sonja Ifko

New Belgrade: past-present-future, and the future that never came
Jelica Jovanović

On the wings of modernity: WWII memorials in Yugoslavia
Vladana Putnik Prica, Nenad Lajbenšperger

Documentation Issues

The New Synagogue in Žilina, Slovakia: participation as a method of heritage renewal
Katarína Haberlandová


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