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“The modern gaze to the ‘Greek’ nature”
Edited by Amalia Kotsaki and Kostas Tsiambaos, published by Futura, Athens, 2020

Docomomo International is pleased to announce the release of the 7th book of docomomo Greece titled The modern gaze to the “Greek” nature [Greek], edited by Amalia Kotsaki and Kostas Tsiambaos and published by Futura, Athens, 2020.

“A considerable part of modern architecture in Greece had been developed in a natural environment having a special identity. Beyond its formal characteristics and aesthetic attributes, the Greek landscape had always been culturally and ideologically charged as various references and representations were formulated around it since early Modernity. Moreover, most attempts to render a definition of “greekness” in the early 20th century folllowed a geomorphological determinism with reference to the Greek landscape.The first part of the book includes texts that highlight these references to the Greek nature as a fundamental condition of modernity by exploring the theoretical dimensions of the Greek landscape in modern architectural discourse, narrating journeys of modern architects in the Greek countryside, and illuminating the importance of specific landscapes for modern Greek architecture. The second part of the book focuses on specific case studies by discussing unknown works and projects of architecture and/or landscape architecture by modern architects in Greece which are representative of the broader discussion on nature and modern architecture throughout the 20th century. The variety of works included and the range of approaches discussed, highlight “Greek” nature (both real and imaginary) as an intriguing theme of research and reflection for modern Greek architecture, one with obvious cultural, philosophical, and ideological aspects.

Texts included:

– Introduction: Alexandros Papageorgiou-Venetas / Architecture based on Nature and History. The Tourist Pavilion at Trophonio, Livadia (1962-2018)

– Konstantinos Moraitis / On the “Greek Landscape”: Cultural composition and landscape’s background
– Nikos Magouliotis / Periklis Giannopoulos and modern Greek Architecture
– Kostas Tsiambaos / Nature as the tradition and identity of architecture
– Thanassis Th. Sotiriou / “The landscape shone in the sun with burning colors”. Isaac Saporta’s approach to the natural landscape of Greece
– Phoebus Panigyrakis / Arthur Staal, travel notes for the Greek landscape
– Lina Dima / Manifestations of nature and urban visions in the thought of Ioannis Despotopoulos
– Panagiotis Tournikiotis / Elefsina – Mykonos. Landscape and nature in the thinking and work of Aris Konstantinidis
– Eleni Livani / The “choria” and the “landscape”: Aris Konstantinidis’s views on “Greek” nature
– Stavros Alifragkis / Nature in the “library” of the modern architect: Dimitris A. Fatouros
– Amalia Kotsaki / The modern gaze to the nature of Crete

– Tilemachos Andrianopoulos / The Greek coastline under a modern line: Resorts of I. Despotopoulos
– Ioulia Vombiri / Sanatorium – Architectural views on the Magic Mountain
– Emilia Athanassiou / Pertouli Revisited: the modern return to the forest
– Alexandros Zomas / Landscape constructions on the borders of the modern: three studies by Alexandros Papageorgiou-Veneta, 1957-1961
– Hariklia (Haris) Makedonopoulou / To the beach! The case of Xenia at Messolonghi
– Vasiliki Petridou / Physical freedom and military discipline in the settlements of the Autonomous Building Organization of Officers (AOOA)
– Maria Nodaraki, Maria Tassopoulou / The Mediterranean utopia of Jaqueline Tyrwhitt. A modern vision in the Greek countryside
– Konstantina Kalfa, Mara Papavassiliou / An immediate shelter in nature: on Iannis Xenakis and Amorgos
– Alexandros Th. Vazakas / The discipline of landscape architecture and late Greek modernism

ISBN 978-960-9489-96-6
290 pages / 15 x 24 cm / photos and drawings”

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