Student website with travel report to the 15th International Docomomo Conference 2018
by UQÀM Students, Québec, Canada

From August 18th to September 1st, 2018, a group of eleven students discovered the modern architecture of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia) under the direction of France Vanlaethem, Professor Emeritus of UQÀM and President of Docomomo Québec; and Manuela Senese, Lecturer at UQÀM – Université du Québec à Montréal and member of Docomomo Québec. The purpose of the trip was to attend the 15th Docomomo International Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and meet with representatives of organizations as well as professionals working to protect and safeguard modern architecture along the way.

Now, they have created a website, with the support of Docomomo Québec, to collect the information gathered during the trip and share their travel reports.

To get to know the result of their excursion please visit the website [French].