Metallic brutalism and its present embellishment. The addition to the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava
Peter Szalay

This paper summarizes the creation and formulation of the modern addition to the Slovak National Gallery, an iconic architectural work of post-war Modernism in Czechoslovakia which instigated a major discussion between specialists and the general public already from its construction time. In the second part of the text, related to the reconstruction currently underway, I attempt to interpret the actual process of this building’s reconstruction and remodeling, which could be viewed as a physical dimension of the discussion on the polarizing effects of Modern Movement architectonic concepts as well as the impoverishment of the authentic heritage value of this unique instance of Slovak modernity.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Eastern European architecture, Cold War architecture, Bratislava modern architecture, Brutalism, Slovak National Gallery.

Issue 59
Year 2018
Pages 46-53

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