Friedrich Weinwurm: Slovakia’s nearly forgotten contribution to the European architectural avant-garde
Henrieta Moravčíková

Work of the architect Friedrich Weinwurm represents the most consistent contribution from within Slovakia to the activities of the international architectural avant-garde. Friedrich Weinwurm fully matched the idea of a socialist-minded architect, organizer of public life and visionary of a new social order. The new way that Friedrich Weinwurm followed in his architectural work ran parallel to the paths of the leading representatives of the European left-wing avant-garde. In Slovakia, these works represented the most coherent allegiance to the program of the New Objectivity, and the vision of a Marxist-inspired architecture. As such, Friedrich Weinwurm held a key role in ensuring that inter-war Bratislava formed one of Europe’s important focal points for modern architecture.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Eastern European architecture, Cold War architecture, Slovakian modern architecture, Friedrich Weinwurm.

Issue 59
Year 2018
Pages 38-45

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