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Transgas Complex
by Ivo Loos, Jindrich Malátek, Václav Aulicky, Jirí Eisenreich, structure Juraj Kozák and Josef Tomášek, interior design Ivo Loos, Jan Fišer, Josef Vrana, Prague, Czech Republic, 1965-1978

Docomomo International is sorry to inform that, after the validation of the demolition permit of the Transgas Building (Prague, Czech Republic) on February 1st 2019, demolition works have been initiated this week.

On February 6th, the developer Group HB Reavis announced they have decided to sell the Transgas building, which led to uncertainty regarding the course of events for the building itself.

Docomomo International appreciates the efforts and the commitement shown by Docomomo Czech Republic to protect the Transgas Building.

The previous campaign to preserve the building can be found here.

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