Save it! Wentworth Memorial Church
By Donald Gazzard, Vaucluse, NSW, Australia, 1965

Docomomo International became aware by Docomomo Australia that the former Wentworth Memorial Church, designed by Donald Gazzard of Clarke Gazzard and Partners in 1965, and located in Vaucluse, NSW, Australia, is at risk due to recent plans that intend its conversion into a private luxury residence and hereby the lost of its State significance as one of the most significant ecclesiastical examples of the Sydney School style of architecture. As an opposition to these recent plans, the Friends of Wentworth Memorial Church have launched a public petition “Designed by the late Don Gazzard, the former Wentworth Memorial Church is an iconic, though…

20th Docomomo Australia Annual General Meeting
Date and time: 23rd July 2021 at 7.00 pm AEST

Docomomo International would like to share the 20th Docomomo Australia Annual General Meeting. The meeting will be held on Friday 23rd July 2021 at 7.00 pm AEST (QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS), 6.30 pm (NT & SA) and 5:00pm (WA) via ZOOM. Bellow are the papers for the meeting with the ZOOM Meeting details on the Notice for this Meeting: Docomomo-Australia-2021-AGM-Notice-for-Friday-23-July-2021 Docomomo-Australia-Financial-Statement-for-2020 Further information on Docomomo Australia website.

Sign the petition – Save the River Pavilion
By Carter Couch, Fairfield Park, 1980s

Docomomo International is now appealing to your foremost interest and concern regarding the situation of the River Pavilion in Fairfield Park by Carter Couch. “City of Yarra is set to demolish a significant portion of the important River Pavilion to Fairfield Park to build a large storage shed. An important piece of our modern architectural heritage, carefully designed by significant local architects to support the adjacent bluestone amphitheatre while maintaining public space and views to the river, the River Pavilion has been nominated to the Victorian Heritage Register. Currently slated for demolition, the River Pavilion was originally commissioned by the…

British Twentieth Century Society – Online Lectures
Architectural Styles

Following the success of Docomomo Australia’s 2017 series “A Style Guide to Twenthieth Century Architecture”, Docomomo Australia is spreading the new series of online lectures of the British Twentieth Century Society: – Architectural Styles I: 30’s Modernism with Alan Powers – Architectural Styles II: Mid Century Modernism with Elain Harwood – Architectural Styles III: Neo Geo with Alan Powers For more information, please go to Docomomo Australia website and to Twentieth Century Society website.  

Demolition of the MLC Building. Sign the petition!
By Bates Smart and McCutcheon, 105 Miller Street, North Sydney, 1954-1957

Docomomo International became aware by Docomomo Australia about the worrying situation of the current heritage-listed MLC Building. The MLC Building is set to be demolished under a development application for a new commercial office building submitted to North Sydney Council. The MLC Building has been an important part of the history and streetscape of North Sydney for over 60 years and remains one of the few buildings in the North Sydney CBD possessing any good civic or aesthetic qualities. The design of the MLC North Sydney building commenced early in 1954 and by mid-1955 Council approval had been obtained for…

Exhibition Iconic Australian Houses
By Karen McCartney

Docomomo Australia is sharing the exhibition Iconic Australian Houses by Karen McCartney, in partnership with Architecture Foundation Australia (2017). Karen McCartney takes us through 11 case studies of iconic Australian houses and the architects who designed them.   Russell Jack – The Jack House Peter McIntyre – The Butterfly house Peter Muller – The Audette house Robin Boyd – The Walsh street house Enrico Taglietti – The Dingle house Bruce Rickard – The Marshall house Ken Woolley – The Palm beach house Barrie Marshall – The Phillip Island house Andresen O’Gorman – The Mooloomba house Durbach Block – The Droga…

2020 Docomomo Australia Annual General Meeting
Postponed due to COVID-19

[In light of the current situation of organisations and institutions trying to minimise the transmission of the COVID-19 virus and the Government’s request to both minimise travel and unnecessary physical meetings, the 2020 Docomomo Australia Annual General Meeting (due to be held on 28 March 2020 in Sydney) is hereby postponed until a later date.] Docomomo Australia invites members to attend the 19th Annual General Meeting of Docomomo Australia Incorporated at 70A Blues Point Road, McMahons Point, NSW, 2060. Bellow is the Notice of the 19th Annual General Meeting in 2020, the Form of Appointment of Proxy for this meeting…

Guidelines for submitting the 2019/2020 Homework
Chapters News

Dear Docomomo Chapters, Due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, we are extending the deadline of June 1st to August 15th, 2020. A plan for new documentation homework has been approved in the last Council Meeting, August 30th, 2018 (Ljubljana, Slovenia), proposed by the ISC/Registers. With the aim of moving forward to the documentation of conservation good practices, Docomomo Working Parties (WP) have to submit: Working Parties that already have submitted 30 Documentation Fiches and uploaded 50 sites to MOMOVE: (a) 1 fiche for 2019 and 1 fiche for 2020, on an example of Good Conservation Practice. Download the template here: link, and here: link. (b) A bibliography with 5-10 publications (books or articles) on Modern Movement…

Australia Modern: Architecture, Landscape and Design
by Hannah Lewi and Philip Goad (eds), published by Thames & Hudson, 2019

This volume was motivated by the aim to create a beautiful, comprehensive and accessible book about Australian Modern design and architecture.  It features 100 significant site examples by Australia’s most revered architects, rich archival imagery and expert essays exploring how modernism has shaped Australian society. From the Sydney Opera House and the National Gallery of Victoria to cutting-edge homes across the country, the pervasive presence of modernism is inescapable in Australia. Led by the likes of Robin Boyd, Harry Seidler and Walter Burley Griffin, modernist architects and designers set out to rebuild at all scales, from vast infrastructure projects, to…

Mid-Century Modern furniture, painting and prints in Melbourne
Gallery Midlandia, Melbourne, Australia

Gallery Midlandia offers a selected choice of  original paintings and prints from 1930-1970. The gallery shows works from the USA, Scandinavia, Europe and Australia. They deal in mid-century jewellery, objects, and select furniture plus a range of books pertaining to mid century art, design and architecture. The director, Martin Mcintosh, has been collecting mid century art and design since the early 1990s, and is thrilled to share his knowledge and enthusiasm of the era with clients. More details: website