Plan of the Lisbon reconstruction project after the 1755 Earthquake, June 12, 1758 © Colorful lithography from the Lisbon Museum.
Tv Show Visita Guiada [Guided Tour] – participation of Ana Tostões, Chair of Docomomo International
RTP2, Lisbon, Portugal, 5 April 2021, at 10.45 pm (GMT)

Docomomo International is pleased to share the Tv Show Visita Guiada [Guided Tour], with the consultancy and participation of Ana Tostões, Chair of Docomomo International, and with the professor and researcher Walter Rossa. The episode airs today around at 10.45 pm (GMT) on RTP2 channel, portuguese television broadcast.

Visita Guiada is a television and radio show about pieces of the history of Portuguese art and culture. In each episode, the program chooses a protagonist work (object, artwork, building) thanks to its exceptionality. Today’s episode is dedicated to the plan of reconstruction for the Baixa Pompalina, Lisbon.
In 1755 Lisbon was devastated by an earthquake, the size of which impressed the whole of Europe. Less than three years later, in 1758, Lisbon was being rebuilt according to an unprecedented urban, architectural, financial and legal plan. Everything integrated. The plan for the reconstruction of Lisbon is considered, by researchers in the area, the first urban plan in the contemporary world. A case study in the Universal History of Urbanism and Architecture. How was it possible to carry out, in such a short time, this enterprise that reinvented the capital of what was, at the time, one of the greatest empires on the planet? Professors and researchers Ana Tostões and Walter Rossa explain it in this amazing visit.

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