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100 Buildings 1900-2000
by Thom Mayne and Eui-Sung Yi, Published by: Rizzoli International Publications, New York, 2017

The twentieth century was a remarkable period in architectural history. Rivaling the transformative achievements of ancient Greece, the Gothic period the Renaissance, the twentieth century galvanized radical developments in building technology, architectural theory, and space that paralleled global revolutions in politics, economics, and social values. Knowledge of the twentieth century´s accomplishments is fundamentally critical for all students of architecture.
More the 50 internationally renowned architects were asked to list the top 100 twentieth-century buildings they would teach to architecture students. The contributors were encouraged to select built projects where formal, special, technological and organizational concepts responded to dynamic historical, cultural, social, and political circumstances. The capacity of these buildings to resist, adapt, and invent new typologies solidifies their timeless relevance to future challenges.
The result is a master list of the top 100 “must-know” built works of architecture designed and completed between 1900 and 2000.

Text by Val K. Warke and forward by Thom Mayne

ISBN 978-0-8478-5950-4

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