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“A House to Live” a facsmile of “Ein Wohnhaus” by Bruno Taut
Edited by José Manuel Pozo, published by T6 Ediciones, 2019

Docomomo International is pleased to announce the publication of the new Edition in English, A House to Live, of a facsmile of Ein Wohnhaus by Bruno Taut.

“The uniqueness of this book I am forewording, along with the fact that its publication does not coincide with any anniversary or celebration of the kind that reeditions and tributes sometimes use as pretexts, compels me to provide, by way of justification, some explanation of is necessity and importance.
On the one hand, when I decided to pubish Ein Wohnhaus I was driven by a desire to honor the figure of its author and his huge contribution to the field of social houseing; and, more broadly, his role in defining a new model for housing, and thus in designing the contemporary world.
I believe that the recognition of the Prussian architect remains far short of its true worth, and that a revisit of his teachings and proposals would still be most beneficial to society. It is this, above all, that has pushed me to carry out this publication, much more than the lack of recognition for his person or his built work, which, in fact, is better known than his writtings. ”

From the Publisher

Edition: T6 Ediciones
Editor: José Manuel Pozo
Layout: Izaskun García
Translation: Gina Cariño (Introduction) Yuma Shinohara (Interior)
Print: Gráficas Castuera
Legal deposit: NA 73-2019
ISBN: 978-84-92409-87-7
Year: 2019
(First facsmil edition in Spanish 2015)