17th International Docomomo Conference 2022 – New Themes!
Reminder: Call for Abstracts Deadline: 30th September, 2021

Docomomo International is glad to announce that the 17th International Docomomo Conference 2022 has been updated with 3 new thematic areas (#06, #07, #08), covering now all the ISC’s subjects of Docomomo:

#01 The Avant-Gardes
#02 Post-war. International expansion
#03 The Latin American contribution
#04 Modern pioneering women
#05 Iberia. Cultural identity

#06 New materials and innovative technologies
Modernity was a continuous factory of innovative and experimental solutions that made their aging, sometimes unfortunately, unpredictable. This section will allow us to reflect upon those systems and their development over a long period of time. It will also provoke discussion on the problems, pathologies and specific intervention technologies for rehabilitation.

#07 Urban design and quality of life
This section includes works that investigate the characteristics of modern urban form and public space. Contributions to the processes that make up the modern urban structure will be analysed. There is also room for studies on the design of urban areas focused both on the general approach and on particular elements – pavements, urban furniture… Of interest in this chapter are those reflections that address aspects of the use of public space and the relationship between urban form and climate change, such as planning, the city open to all…

#08 Landscapes and public space
The development of landscape architecture made innovative contributions by opening up formal paths and constituting new models. It was developed both in private gardening, from the courtyard to the roof, as well as in public spaces. The idea of this section is to consider a wide geographical and chronological panorama and to investigate contributions to landscape design for creating comfortable environments, from the scale of the project to the detail of the elements.

The 17th International Docomomo Conference will be hosted at the School of Architecture, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia in Valencia, Spain, between 6th and 9th September, 2022, under the theme “Modern Design: Social Commitment & Quality of Life“.

Docomomo International would like to remind you that the abstracts submission deadline is 30th September.
Abstract (500 words), written in accordance with the guidelines (.docx) which are available for download here (Call for abstracts template). Abstracts must not include images.

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More information on the conference’s website: http://www.docomomoconference2022.com