Exhibition: Hervé in Spain: Traditional Mediterranean Architecture – El Escorial
From 5th June to 31st July 2019, Art Gallery José de la Mano, Madrid, Spain

“The photographer Lucien Hervé created an artistic language that earned him wide recognition in both 20th century architecture as well as well as photography; he was a gifted artist with an enormous sensitivity and precision capable of transcending the visual characteristics to encourage profound conceptual reflections.

In 1959, Hervé traveled around Spain with his camera and took pictures of Mediterranean houses and the monastery at El Escorial for two photobooks that were never published. However, Hervé continued with these projects and created narrative processes supported by rigorous historic research.

The exhibition presents for the first time these two inedited projects: “White Spain” and “Black Spain”. The exhibition – accompanied by field notes, contact sheets, books, etc. –  presents a singular review of the visual archetypes of monumental Spain and evaluates the artistic, critical, and conceptual reach of the artist’s extraordinary photographic language.”

Text by PHotoEspaña.

Iñaki Bergera y Marco Iuliano

Art Gallery José de la Mano
Calle Zorrilla, 21, 28014, Madrid

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