In Conflict
La Biennale di Venezia 2021

“‘How will we live together?’ is the question proposed by the Lebanese architect Hashim Sarkis, curator of the 17th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale, aiming to bring to the discussion the future and the challenges we will face, as well as the neglected role of the architects as civilized promoters and protectors of the contract of these spaces.

In 2021, the studio depA will be in charge of the Portuguese Official Representation, with the project In Conflict selected through a competition of the Directorate-General for the Arts. As a direct response to this challenge, the goal is to learn from processes characterized by conflict, questioning the problem of living, in its physical and social dimensions.

In Conflict challenges the public through two complementary moments – exhibition and debate. The first, showcased at the Palazzo Giustinian Lolin in Venice, gives news of the Portuguese architecture of the period of democracy, from seven processes marked by material destruction, social displacement or popular participation. A journey through 45 years of democracy, which explores problems, scales and modes of action reflected in Portuguese architecture.

To think about the role of architecture as an artistic, public, political and ethical discipline, the debates are part of this program and take place in three different coordinates: Venice, at the Pavilion of Portugal; Lisbon, at the headquarters of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale; and Porto, at the Mira Forum. The three proposals chosen from the open call will be part of an international series of six debates taking place around a table, hoping to fullfil the project of a common future.”

Debate Series Online

  • Debating Lisbon’s Future Housing Strategy
    14 March, 6.30 pm (GMT+1)
    Debate Link: here
  • Instant City
    28 March, 6.30 pm (GMT+1)
    Debate Link: here
  • Lines of Violence
    11 April, 6.30 pm (GMT+1)
    Debate Link: here

Debate Series In-person

  • No State Council
    22 May, 5.00 pm (GMT+1)
    Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, Veneza

Organized by: Fernanda Fragateiro, Jorge Carvalho
Guests: Ângela Ferreira, Gérard Lambert, Paulo Tavares, Rui Mendes

  • Caring Assemblies: Positions on a Space-to-Come
    23 de Maio, 5.00 pm (GMT+1)
    Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, Veneza

Organized by: Bartlebooth – António Giráldes López, Pablo Ibáñez Ferrera
Guests: Cátia Faria, Husos, Isabel Gutiérrez Sánchez, Mariana Pestana

  • Public Housing – No Silver
    16 June, 7.00 pm (GMT+1)
    Palácio Sinel de Cordes, Lisboa

Organized by: Samuel de Brito Gonçalves
Guests: Álvaro Domingues, Helena Roseta, Joana Couceiro, Sónia Alves

  • Domestic Matters
    17 June, 7.00 pm (GMT+1)
    Palácio Sinel de Cordes, Lisboa

Organized by: Anna Puigjaner, Moisés Puente
Guests: b+, Lacol

  • Decolonising the City
    18 September, 5.00 pm (GMT+1)
    Mira Forum, Porto

Organized by: Ana Jara, Miguel Cardina
Guests: Dori Nigro, Marta Lança, Paulo Moreira

  • Struggle Within Conflict
    19 September, 5.00 pm (GMT+1)
    Mira Forum, Porto

Organized by: Francisco Calheiros, Maria Trabulo
Guests: Ana Naomi de Sousa, Jose António Pinto, Marina Otero Verzier

To follow the detailed program, please check the official website.