Event: Exhibition “El carácter de la Tradición en la Arquitectura de Barney, Távora, Coderch”
From 10th May to 18th August 2019, Museo La Tertulia, Cali, Colombia.

The works of the architects Benjamín Barney (Colombia, 1941), Fernando Távora (Portugal, 1923-2005) and José Antonio Coderch (Spain, 1913-1984) are the basis of this xeposition curated by Andrés Erazo Barco (U. de San Buenaventura, Cali, Colombia), Antonio Armesto (UPC, Spain) and Manuel Augusto Mendes Soares (U. Porto, Portugal), which intends to reflect on the ethos, the proper nature of Architecture.

In the context of the Exposition, Tavora’s work evokes the idea of ​​permanent modernity, which he expounded so well in the Lição das Constantes, as the essential condition, meaning and value of Architecture. There he explores his interest in Portuguese Architecture, erudite and popular, as a condition of modernity. For this purpose, the design process of the Dr. Ribeiro da Silva House in Ofir is contextualized in a synthesis that extends to the Mercado Municipal da Feira, Pavilhão de Ténis da Quinta da Conceição and Escola do Cedro, in Gaia. This evocation highlights the meetings that Távora has always sought and synthesized between his journeys through the CIAM and Portugal, particularly in the Minho region.

Following the meeting with Andres Erazo in 2018, the Marques da Silva Foundation has been involved in the evolution of ” El carácter de la Tradición en la Arquitectura de Barney, Távora, Coderch” from the beginning. An action that is part of the ongoing and persistent work in permanent updating that this Foundation develops in the promotion of Portuguese architecture, its study and research, namely the person and reference work Fernando Távora.

The exhibition opened on May 10 at the Museo La Tertulia in Cali, Colombia, where it will remain until August 18, 2019. The exhibition, which has an itinerant character, will travel to other destinations in South America, and will later be presented in Portugal and Spain.