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Call for Articles: docomomo Brasil magazine – issue 6 and 7
Deadline: 14 September 2020

The magazine Docomomo Brasil (ISSN 2594-8601) invites researchers, students and professionals in the field of Architecture and Urbanism to send articles for its issues 6 and 7. The topic is free and the journal aims to disseminate research, documents, projects and bibliographic reviews in the area of ​​documentation and preservation of the various manifestations of the Modern Movement.
Articles may be submitted to the sections that make up the main body of the journal. In the Project section, it is intended to disseminate and discuss practical experiences in restoring buildings, sites and neighborhood units and other artistic expressions of the Modern Movement. The intention is to stimulate the debate on the principles that guided the respective interventions, the procedures adopted for the analysis of the objects on canvas in their various dimensions – materials, historical, symbolic, the restoration techniques used, the conditions of use and occupation demanded and implemented, the involvement and participation of the various social actors in the restoration process and any other relevant elements of the restoration action. In the Article section, it is intend to contribute to the reflection on the paradoxes of modernity in Brazil and their forms of expression through new perspectives and interpretations on the rich national collection, as a way of recognizing heritage assets, but also as an inseparable part of actions of preservation.

Submissions until September 14 2020.

For more information, access the menu [SUBMISSION OF ARTICLES> editorial policy] on the magazine webpage  and go to docomomo Brasil website. [Portuguese]