Tropical Architecture in the Modern Diaspora
Docomomo Journal 63 (2020/2)

Editors: Ana Tostões

Guest editors: Pedro Guedes, Johannes Widodo

Keywords: Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Tropical architecture, Modern diaspora, Design with climate.

Getting back to the point of “Tropical architecture,” architecture in the humid tropics is collaboration with nature to establish a new order in which human beings may live in harmony with their surroundings. As publications at the time concentrated on French and British colonies, to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the Modern Movement diaspora, it is essential to revisit, analyse, and document the important heritage built south of the Tropic of Cancer, where the debate took place and architectonic models were reproduced, and in many cases subjected to metamorphoses stemming from their antipodal geography. Notable for the modernity of its social, urban, and architectonic programs, and also its formally and technologically sustained research, the modern architecture of these latitudes below the tropics constitutes a distinctive heritage.
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Tropical Architecture, South of Cancer in the Modern Diaspora
Ana Tostões


South of Cancer: Modern Architecture’s Tropical Diasporas
Pedro Guedes, Johannes Widodo


Behind the Veils of Modern Tropical Architecture
Pedro Guedes

Tropical Building Research: the Angolan Case
Margarida Quintã

Otto Königsberger and Global Architectural Histories
Vandana Baweja

Monuments of Country, Climate and Culture: Michel Écochard and the Design of the Postcolonial Tropolis
Tom Avermaete

“Our Cinderella North” – The Modern Diaspora’s long reach into Australia’s tropical zones
Elizabeth Musgrave

Alfred Preis and Viennese Modernism in Hawai‘i
Laura Mcguire

Tropical Modernity: A Hybrid-Construct in South China
Rui Leão, Charles Lai

The Japanese Embassy in Mexico: a Fortunate Association, a Threatened Heritage
Lourdes Cruz

Documentation Issues

The Nature of Tropical Architecture in Indonesian Modernism
Setiadi Sopandi

Religious Tropical Architecture: the churches of Leandro V. Locsin in the Philippines
Jean-Claude Girard

Makkasan Train Factory: an attempt to preserve Bangkok’s urban heritage
Pongkwan Lassus

Encounters with Southeast Asian Modernism
Moritz Henning, Sally Below, Christian Hiller, Eduard Kögel


Towns are made from houses – Jean-Pierre Watel (1933-2016)
Richard Klein

Book Reviews

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