Cure and Care
Docomomo Journal 62 (2020/1)

Editors: Ana Tostões

Guest editors: Daniela Arnaut

Keywords: Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Healthcare architecture, Form and Function, Healing architecture.

Investigation into healthcare facilities involves dealing with multiple spheres beyond the technological, physical and psychological. Nowadays, the growing emphasis on wellbeing goes beyond the seminal ideas that modern buildings were cleansing machines, or that modern architecture and urbanism were shaped by bacteria. Presenting some stimulating philosophically-orientated essays, this journal makes a link between the Modern Movement and what we have entitled the “Cure and Care” concept, connecting health and the environment, body and design. Considering healthcare buildings and their role in the welfare policy of societies, the discussion addresses future challenges, driven by developments in technology and medicine, envisaging a key role for healthcare facilities in ensuring a sustainable built environment.
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Health at the core of Modern Movement Architecture
Ana Tostões


Cure and care at the cradle of innovation
Daniela Arnaut


The Bacterial Clients of Modern Architecture
Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley

The Ur-Forms of Modernism. On 19th Century Hospitalized and Hygienic Dimensions of Architecture
Georges Teyssot

Landscape architecture according to Olmsted: beyond purifying the air, pacifying the mind
Catherine Maumi

Modern Hospitals and Cultural Heritage
Cor Wagenaar

Sanatoriums in Europe: Build Heritage and Transformation Strategies
Phillipe Grandvoinnet

The New Deal Infrastructure of New York: The Hospitals of Isadore Rosenfield
Charles Giraudet

Architecture at the service of care: France-USA Memorial Hospital of Saint-Lô
Donato Severo

Seven notes on the program and design of healthcare buildings’ rehabilitation
Paulo Providência

Demedicalize Architecture
Giovanna Borasi, Mirko Zardini

Documentation Issues

Charles Fulton: the regional reach of modernism in Australia
Paul Sanders, Marissa Lindquist

Spanish Pantheon in Rome. A Permanent Abode
Ángela García de Paredes

Heritage in danger

Hôpital Edouard Herriot à Lyon, Tony Garnier, 1933
Philippe Dufieux

Book Reviews

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