Reuse, Renovation and Restoration
Docomomo Journal 52 (2015/1)

Editors: Ana Tostões, Zara Ferreira

Keywords: Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Reuse, Renovation, Restoration.

The Modern Movement has demonstrated its long term legitimacy, as a concept endowed with an extraordinary and lasting longevity. Either way, it becomes increasingly important to acknowledge and value this heritage, in order to enable a skilled, informed and enlightened intervention. Such matters as materials and technology reuse, spatial and functional transformations as well as updating legislation, are part of the contemporary agenda. Knowing that many modern architects sought new heights of functionality and changeability, the challenge for today is how to deal with the heritage in relation to its continuously changing context, physical, economic and functional, as well as socio-cultural, political and scientific. I consider that the reuse project is starting to “make history” and I share the idea that heritage transforms itself with us. Therefore, modern architecture can be a resource that asks for our attention in terms of quality, economy and sustainability.
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Renovation and Restoration (the 3 R’s)
Ana Tostões


The Legacy of Mies van der Rohe in Modern Movement and the Modern Architecture in Korea
Jong Soung Kimm


Reuse, Transformation and Restoration
Hubert-Jan Henket

When the Oppressive New and the Vulnerable Old Meet; a Plea for Sustainable Modernity
Hubert-Jan Henket

Conservation and Renovation Project of Hizuchi Elementary School: First Challenge to Treat a Post-war Wooden Architecture as a Cultural Property
Yoshiaki Hanada

Luis Barragán’s House in Pedregal. A Successful Restoration
Louise Noelle

Conversion of the Church of Sainte-Germaine-Cousin Reaching out to the Community
Marie-Dina Salvione

Progress Report on the Musashi-Ranzan Country Club Clubhouse Conservation and Repair Work
Mitsuru Hirai

A New Future for the Montréal Mies Gaz Station
France Vanlaethem

Preservation and Restoration of the International House of Japan
Masami Kobayashi

Reuse and Transformation of a Modern Movement Masterpiece: UN-CEPAL-ECLAC Building, Santiago de Chile
Horacio Torrent

Efforts to Improve the Earthquake Resistance of the Kagawa Prefectural Government Office East Building
Keizo Hamada

Documentation Issues

Modern Architecture in the Promotion of National Tourism, the Cap Ducal, an Emblematic Work in Viña del Mar
Macarena Cortés

The Question of Auckland’s Civic Building
Julia Gatley

Modern Architecture in Setif (Algeria, 1930–1962). Expression of a Plurality of Approaches
Samaï Bouadjadja Setif, Saïd Mazouz


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