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Shushtar New Town registered on Iranian National Heritage List
By Kamran Diba, Shushtar, Iran

Docomomo Iran shared with Docomomo International good news regarding the protection of a town that was started to be built in 46 years ago in Iran.

The Shushtar New Town, a modern – but contextual – city in the southwest of Iran, in of Iran, which was under threat for some demolitions, now is registered on the Iranian National Heritage List. The Shushtar New Town was designed by the Iranian architect, Kamran Diba (1937-), and started to be built in 1974. It follows the traditional urban pattern of Iranian cities with an interwoven urban fabric and (mud)brick as construction material. This small town was designed for the staff and workers of Karun Agro-industrial Company and in 1986 won the Aga Khan Architecture Award.

Recently, after a demolition of one of the houses, by the reactions of the architecture society, and with the contacts that Docomomo Iran had with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry started the process for registering immediately. On Tuesday, May 19, 2020 it was announced that the site is registered on the Iranian National Heritage List, and the further demolition is stopped.

Docomomo Iran thanks the architecture society and also appreciates the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for its rapid response and reaction.