Docomomo Portugal

We are happy to announce that in accordance with the discussed on the last Docomomo International council meeting, on 8 September 2022, during the 17th International Docomomo Conference, Valencia, Docomomo Portugal has been established in 2023.

Docomomo Portugal is the Portuguese working party of Docomomo International. It aims to foster the documentation, conservation and reuse of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the Modern Movement in Portugal according to Docomomo International’s mission.
The territorial scope of its activities will be in Portugal, however, it will extend to work carried out within the Iberian countries, as well as in with Docomomo International.

It aims to:

  • Bring the significance of the architecture and urbanism of the Modern Movement in Portugal to the attention of the public, the authorities, the professionals and the educational community.
  • Identify and promote the surveying of the works of the Modern Movement in Portugal, including drawings, photos, archives and other documents.
  • Promote the conservation and (re)use of buildings and sites of the Modern Movement, and spread the knowledge among professionals.
  • Oppose destruction and disfigurement of significant works.
  • Promote research into archival funds, aiming the documentation, conservation and rehabilitation of works from the Modern Movement in Portugal
  • Develop knowledge on Modern Movement in Portugal, especially in relation to the action of international specialists committees.
  • Lead projects accepted by the Docomomo Portugal assembly of partners with national and international institutions, especially UNESCO, within the scope of the protection of architectural heritage, the Modern Movement, the transmission of knowledge related to this protection and the dissemination of knowledge of the Modern Movement among the public.
  • Explore and develop new ideas for the future of a sustainable built environment based on the past experiences of the Modern Movement.

Docomomo Portugal’s headquarters are located at Instituto Superior Técnico – University of Lisbon.
It has as chair Ana Tostões, architect and architecture historian, Full Professor at  Instituto Superior Técnico, and former chair of Docomomo International (2010-2021), and secretary general Zara Ferreira, architect and PhD candidate, and former secretary general of Docomomo International (2014-2018). The full team can be seen at: Team

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