Reutilizar Edifícios e transformar a Cidade [To Reuse buildings and transform the city]
by Gonçalo Canto Moniz, in Público, Portugal, 2018

On the occasion of the exhibition opening for “Físicas do Património Português. Arquitetura e Memória” [Physics of Portuguese Heritage. Architecture and Memory], Gonçalo Canto Moniz wrote an article for the Portuguese newspaper Público regarding the dangers 20th century architectural heritage faces nowadays. “In the transition from the 20th century to the 21st century, heritage institutions are gradually beginning to worry about this legacy and its significance in the context of patrimonial policies, which forces a paradigm shift.” Docomomo is featured in this article for its ongoing work which aims to promote and protect modern heritage. To see the full article, please visit: website [Portuguese]

Interview: The Chair of Docomomo International was interviewed by the I-House Quarterly

The Chair of Docomomo International, Prof. Ana Tostões, was interviewed by the Japanese newsletter “I-House Quarterly” last 14th March, at the International House of Japan (by Kunio Maekawa, Junzo Sakakura, Junzo Yoshimura, gardens by Ogawa Jihei, Tokyo, 1955). The full interview is now available online! Interview: website Photo: The Chair of Docomomo Japan, Hiroshi Matsukuma, and the Chair of Docomomo International, Prof. Ana Tostões.

The Chair of Docomomo International on TSF

On the last 27th May 2017, the Chair of Docomomo International, Prof. Ana Tostões, participated in the TSF Portuguese radio program Encontros com o Património [Meetings with Heritage], in the framework of the exhibition Victor Palla e Pedro Bento d´Almeida: Arquitectura de Outro Tempo [Architecture of Another Time]. Victor Palla (1922-2006) and Pedro Bento d´Almeida (1918-1997) were Portuguese modern architects that worked together for 25 years (1947-1973), producing more than 700 projects, in Portugal. “They were responsible for the modernization of countless commercial establishments, factories, primary schools, permanent housing (single-family housing and multi-family housing) and temporary housing (tourist hotels and holiday villages), extending the activity to the areas of design and the arts.”(1)…

Meetings and lecture in Okinawa

Last 4-5 March, the Chair of Docomomo International, Prof. Ana Tostões, presented the lecture: “Diversity of Modern Architecture, the African Case” in the Museum of Okinawa, Naha, and had an audience with the Deputy Mayor of Naha, Mr. Satoru Chinen, and the Vice-Chair of Docomomo Japan, Mr. Yoshiyuki Yamana, to discuss the future of the Naha Siminnkaikan (Naha Civic Center). The Naha Siminnkaikan (designed by Nobuyoshi KINJO and inaugurated in 1970) is a multi-purpose cultural venue that has been widely used as a “pantheon of culture” for residents, as one of the most symbolic buildings of Okinawa: the reversion of Okinawa to Japan after…

14th International Docomomo Conference in the news

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DOCOMOMO International in the News

In the framework of the inaugural event of the new headquarters of docomomo International in Lisbon, not only the International docomomo Seminar “Rehabilitation and Reuse of the Modern Movement Architecture” and the “Modern Lisbon” Tour, but also the scope and action of docomomo, were spread and reported by several media channels. Check the news on: Diário de Notícias Público TSF Câmara Municipal de Lisboa Revista Sábado Jornal OJE (in Portuguese) Download PDF

DOCOMOMO International on TSF Portuguese Radio

On 21 March, the TSF Portuguese radio broadcasted an interview to announce the inauguration of the new headquarters of docomomo International in Lisbon and to talk about the International docomomo Seminar on the subject “Rehabilitation and Reuse of Modern Movement Architecture”, that would take place on the 27 March, in Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Ana Tostões (docomomo International Chair), Bárbara Coutinho (Director of MUDE), Zara Ferreira (docomomoInternational Secretary General) and Miguel Judas (Vice-Chair of docomomo Iberia), experts on the theme and committted to the docomomo values, were the guests of this program. Listen to docomomo International on TSF Portuguese Radio, “Encontros com o Património” (Meetings with Heritage), in Portuguese. Full Radio Broadcast

13th International DOCOMOMO Conference – Round Table

A very inspiring round table, conducted by Hubert-Jan Henket and Joung Soung Kimm, was held in the 13th International DOCOMOMO Conference, Seoul, Korea, last 27 September 2014. The aim was to getter new chapters with Asian Working Parties, in order to discuss sustainability as a keyword for DOCOMOMO´s future. The participants were Angola (Filomena Carvalho), Camboja (Khun-Neay Khuon), Hong Kong (Koon Wee), Iran (Hadi Naderi), Japan (Yoshiyuki Yamana), Korea (Tae Woo and Eui-Sung Yi), Kuwait (Zahra Ali Baba), Macao (Rui Leão), Taiwan (Remi Wang) and Thailand (Waeovichian Abhichartvorapan). Angola, Kuwait, Taiwan and Thailand are new DOCOMOMO Working Parties, approved in the last Council Meeting, 26 September 2014….