The House of Augusto H. Álvarez in Mexico City: an Integral Architectural and Personal Project
Lourdes Cruz

In his 56 year professional career, Augusto H. Álvarez (1914-1995) built around thirty apartment buildings and over fifty houses. This article analyzes the emblematic house he built for his family between 1959 and 1961, which has been reinvented over time. It’s a work that faithfully reflects Álvarez’s appropriation and interpretation of the ideas of the Modern Movement, revealing a modulated, diaphanous, ordered and flexible space enclosed by a simple volume. It was an integral project because, aside from the structure, the architect also designed its furnishings and system of natural lighting, implementing materials that were hitherto-unused in a private residence

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern single-family houses, Modern living space, Architecture of happiness, Augusto H. Álvarez, House at Lazcano 20, Mexican modern architecture.

Issue 64
Year 2021
Pages 34-41

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