Past Readings, Present Findings: on Intervening Emilio Duhart’s PDVN House
Alejandro Beals, Loreto Lyon

Between 1963 and 1966 Emilio Duhart (1917-2006) worked on the design of this single-family house in what used to be the outskirts of Santiago. During this period, a series of younger collaborators worked on the project, transforming it continuously. Now, confronted with the task of refurbishing the house, we trace back and try to understand the project development by researching archival material. However, it is the process of physically dismantling damaged fabric – almost everything, besides the concrete structure – that really reveals the main principles behind the whole design process. A silent dialogue with architects already gone, which provides the guidelines to write just another chapter in the life of this structure.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern single-family houses, Modern living space, Architecture of happiness, Emilio Duhart, PDVN 0458 house, Chilean modern architecture, Restoration of modern architecture .

Issue 64
Year 2021
Pages 84-87

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