Modern Heritage, organic space, material permanence: Torres Posse House in Tafí del Valle
Horacio Torrent, Olga Paterlini, Anna Braghini, Laura Cuezzo

The Torres Posse House (1957-1958) is a testimony to the particular forms that the modern house took in the context of northern Argentina, and at the same time shows how the conservation and sustainability of modern heritage come in large part from the quality of its original project. Built to enjoy the holidays, it was rationally organized, according to the demands of economy, topography of the site, climate, and orientation. The gallery, the most memorable space, is a typological approach that remains in good condition. The project established a stone box within which to arrange a demanding interior program with total freedom. The durability of the material proposed it as a modern architecture, capable of transcending the obsolescence of the modern image to resist the passage of time and aging without conflict.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern single-family houses, Modern living space, Architecture of happiness, Eduardo Sacriste, Torres Posse House, Argentinian modern architecture.

Issue 64
Year 2021
Pages 42-49

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