Modern Architecture in Southeast Asia, an Introduction. Asia, North-South-West-East
Setiadi Sopandi, Yoshiyuki Yamana, Johannes Widodo, Shin Muramatsu

The Asian economy began to rebound in the early 2000s. Cities were, once again, expanding along with the population and industrialization. Architectural projects, after having halted for a few years, were coming back providing new opportunities for Asian practices. Sharing optimism as well as anxieties, Asian architects and scholars were looking forward to the future as well as once again taking a glimpse back at their recent architectural past, roughly from the late 19th century and throughout the 20th century. With this opportunity, they decided to take a moment to reflect on how Asian cities, landscapes, and their architectural heritage were shaped, altered, grown in the process of Asian societies embracing modernity.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Southeast Asian architecture, Modern urban planning, Tropical architecture.

Issue 57
Year 2017
Pages 4-11

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