Lawn Road Flats (The Isokon) – A New Vision of Urban Living
John Allan

So much of modern architecture’s early history depended on a handful of courageous pioneers. One of the first Modern Movement buildings in England was the achievement of an unlikely trio — a plywood salesman and his psychotherapist wife, and a Canadian part-time journalist turned architect. This article and the accompanying text by Magnus Englund tell the extraordinary story of the Lawn Road Flats in Hampstead, London – their origins and heyday, the linked program of furniture design, their declining postwar fortunes and ruination, and then their recent and remarkable rescue and restoration to become a beacon of modern heritage and the epitome of progressive 21st century urban living.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Lawn Road Flats, The Isokon, Molly Pritchard, Wells Coates, Plywood architecture.

Issue 58
Year 2018
Pages 78-81

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