Avanchet-Parc in Geneva: an experimental housing scheme, an exemplary complex
Franz Graf, Giulia Marino

In the teeming context of the 1970s, the Cité Avanchet-Parc is an undeniably original achievement, representative of the approach – above all cultural – of a generation of architects who sought to experiment with new urban and architectural forms in response to current practice. The satellite precinct is also a sign of skillful construction, undoubtedly pioneering in the context of the 1970s and which is still today, half a century later, the essence of its relevance to the present. An exemplary experience, the Cité Avanchet-Parc today deserves renewed recognition.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing, Post-war housing, Welfare architecture, Mass housing, Geneva modern architecture, Cité Avanchet-Parc, Franz Amrhein, Peter Steiger, Walter Maria Förderer, Experimental housing, Preservation of modern architecture, Renovation of modern architecture, Energy performance.

Issue 65
Year 2021
Pages 70-77
DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.52200/65.A.Y1ZP6CEH

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