Architecture at the service of care: France-USA Memorial Hospital of Saint-Lô
Donato Severo

The France-USA Memorial Hospital in Saint-Lô, Normandy (1948-1965), is known as one of the most relevant French Reconstruction projects. It is the first important work crafted by the French-American architect, Paul Nelson (1895-1979). His humanist approach inspired a series of unprecedented, meaningful and technical architectural innovations. The organization of the new hospital, based on functionality and modernity; polychromic and artistic inclusion; extended high-quality work, notably the "claustra" façade; ovoid surgical rooms and technical equipment are testimonies to the major quality and innovation pursued in the Memorial Hospital project. Paul Nelson’s work brings into focus the rich and comprehensive relationship between architecture, arts and care.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Healthcare architecture, Form and Function, Healing architecture, Paul Nelson, France-USA Memorial Hospital, French modern architecture, Modern hospitals.

Issue 62
Year 2020
Pages 60-67

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