Docomomo has six International Specialist Committees comprised of specialists in modern architecture, theory, construction technology, landscape and interior design.

ISC/Interior Design

They work under the supervision of Docomomo International.


The Docomomo ISC/Registers was created to engage national/regional chapters in the documentation of modern buildings and sites. Its mission is the development of an inventory of modern architecture, including both outstanding individual buildings and ‘everyday’ examples.

Guidelines for submitting the 2019/2020 Homework

ISC/R members

Louise Noelle (ISC Registers Chair, Docomomo Mexico)
Horacio Torrent (ISC Registers Vice-chair, Docomomo Chile)
Ana Tostões (Docomomo International Chair)
Carolina Quiroga (Docomomo Argentina)
Celestino Garcia Braña (Docomomo Iberia)
France Vanlaethem (Docomomo Quebec)
Henrieta Moravcikova (Docomomo Slovakia)
Louise Cox (Docomomo Australia)
Ruth Verde Zein (Docomomo Brazil)
Susana Landrove Bossut (Docomomo Iberia)

Please find here the Docomomo ISC/R Report (2018-2021) and Plan of Action (2021-2022).

If you wish to integrate the ISC/Registers please contact the Chair, Louise Noelle (




The mission of the ISC/Technology is to promote documentation and conservation through studies of, and research into, technology, and into the material qualities of modern architecture. The committee organizes seminars; it also supports and participates in workshops related to the technology of modern buildings.

ISC/T members

Robert Loader (ISC Technology Chair, Docomomo UK)
Carsten Herrmann (Docomomo Scotland)
Emmanuelle Gallo (Docomomo France)
Franz Graf (Docomomo Switzerland)
Giulia Marino (Docomomo Switzerland)
Grazyna Hryncewicz-Lamber (Docomomo Poland)
Iva Stoyanova (Docomomo Bulgaria)
Iveta Cerna (Docomomo Czech Republic)
Ivo Hammer (Docomomo Germany)
Jack Pyburn (Docomomo USA)
Jadwiga Urbanik (Docomomo Poland)
Jong Soung Kimm (Docomomo Korea)
Jos Tomlow (Docomomo Germany)
Kyle Normandin (Docomomo USA)
Ola Wedebrunn (Docomomo Denmark)
Rémi Wei-Chou (Docomomo Taiwan)
Rui Humberto Costa de Fernandes Póvoas (Docomomo Iberia)
Susan MacDonald (Docomomo Australia/USA)
Tapani Mustonen (Docomomo Finland)
Theodore Prudon (Docomomo USA)
Uta Pottgiesser (Docomomo Germany)
Wessel de Jonge (Docomomo The Netherlands)

Please find here the Docomomo ISC/T Report (2018-2021).
Docomomo ISC/Technology Dossiers are also available online here.


If you wish to integrate the ISC/Technology please contact the Chair, Robert Loader (



The mission of the ISC/Urbanism+Landscape is to promote research, documentation and protection of modern ensembles and environments, as opposed to individual ‘setpiece’ monuments. In practice, our current work focuses almost exclusively on research and documentation.

ISC/U+L members

Miles Glendinning (ISC Urbanism + Landscape Chair, Docomomo Scotland)
Ola Uduku (ISC Urbanism + Landscape Vice-Chair, Docomomo Ghana)
Andrew Saniga (Docomomo Australia)
Hannah Lewi (Docomomo Australia)
Henrieta Moravcikova (Docomomo Slovakia)
Jan Haenraets (Docomomo Scotland)
Karina van Herck
Melinda Benko (Hungary)
Poul Sverrild (Docomomo Denmark)
Zara Ferreira (Docomomo Iberia)

Please find here the Docomomo ISC/U+L Report (2018-2021) and Plan of Action  (2021-2022).

If you wish to integrate the ISC/Urbanism+Landscape please contact the Chair, Miles Glendinning (




The ISC/Education+Training has the mission of educating to protect “by prevention”. This means to preserve not by action-reaction to specific threats, but by creating a general awareness and appreciation of modern buildings in the younger generation, general public and the society at large. The workshops in the framework of the Docomomo International Conferences are increasingly successful and prove that young people like to be involved in assignments concerning modern heritage. The ISC on Education and Training would like to provide these young people the possibility to excel in the Documentation and Conservation of modern heritage.

ISC/E+T members

Andrea Canziani (ISC/Education+Training Co-Chair, Docomomo Italy)
Wessel de Jonge (ISC/Education+Training Co-Chair, Docomomo The Netherlands)
Grazyna Hryncewicz-Lamber (ISC/Education+Training Secretary, Docomomo Poland)
Ana Tostões (Docomomo International Chair)
Aneta Vasilieva (Docomomo Bulgaria)
Carolina Quiroga (Docomomo Argentina)
Daniela Arnaut (Docomomo Iberia)
Gonçalo Canto Moniz (Docomomo Iberia)
Theodore Prudon (Docomomo USA)
Uta Pottgiesser (Docomomo Germany)
Vincenzo Riso (Docomomo Iberia)
Yasuko Kamei (Docomomo Japan)

Please find here the Docomomo ISC/E+T Report (2018-2021) and Plan of Action (2021-2022)

If you wish to integrate the ISC/Education & Training please contact the Chairs, Andrea Canziani ( and Wessel de Jonge (



ISC/Interior Design

The ISC/Interior Design focus on Interior Design, an issue of major relevance for the Modern Movement and Modern Living. Interior Design gives us important spatial, ideological and aesthetic information necessary for a full awareness and experiencing of Modernity. The Modern Movement considered Interior Design as being in close relation with architecture and the other arts. This implied the demand for a new aesthetics in response to new technology and a need for a total work that embraces all the expressions into a unitary (and also utopian) environment for humanity. The Modern Interiors’ identity is characterized by a strong and coherent style which results from a unity between architecture, furniture, design, decorative arts, utilitarian objects, equipment, textiles and light.

ISC/ID members

Bárbara Coutinho (ISC/Interior Design Co-Chair, Docomomo International)
Zsuzsanna Böröcz (ISC/Interior Design Co-Chair, Docomomo Belgium)
Eva Storgaard (ISC/Interior Design Secretary, Docomomo Belgium)
Ana Tostões (Docomomo International Chair)
Deniz Hasirci (Docomomo Turkey)
Els De Vos (Docomomo Belgium)
Johan Örn (Docomomo Denmark, Sweden)
Marc Dubois (Docomomo Belgium)
Mariël Polman (Docomomo The Netherlands)
Marta Peixoto (Docomomo Brazil)
Milena Kordic (Docomomo Serbia)
Silvia Segarra (Docomomo Mexico)
Zara Ferreira (Docomomo Iberia)

Please find here the Docomomo ISC/ID Report (2018-2021) and Plan of Action (2021-2022)

If you wish to integrate the ISC/Interior Design please contact the Chairs, Bárbara Coutinho ( and Zsuzsanna Böröcz (

More details: Docomomo Belgium website




In order to have more coordination between the ISC’s and other Docomomo bodies regarding publications, the Advisory Board unanimously agreed on the creation of a Docomomo International ISC/Publications, integrating all the ISC chairs and the Docomomo International Chair. This may concern their content and editing status (indexed) but also the use of funding and external resources and the contacts with publishing houses.

Ana Tostões, chair (Docomomo International chair)